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How It Works? IMEI Number. Exchange Discount Summary When a choice is allowed between alternative texts, whether they are fixed or optional, the first consideration must be the best interest of those taking part. It may be a matter of using the easier texts or the one more relevant to the assembled congregation or, as pastoral advantage may suggest, of repeating or replacing a text that is assigned as proper to one celebration and optional to another. The issue may arise when it is feared that some text will create difficulties for a particular congregation or when the same text would have to be repeated within a few days, as on a Sunday and on a day during the week following.

The arrangement of weekday readings provides texts for every day of the week throughout the year. In most cases, therefore, these readings are to be used on their assigned days, unless a solemnity, a feast, or else a memorial with proper readings occurs. With the arrangement of readings for the entire week in mind, the priest in that case arranges to omit the less significant passages or combines in the most appropriate manner them with other readings, if they contribute to an integral view of a particular theme.

When they exist, proper readings are given for celebrations of the Saints, that is, biblical passages about the Saint or the mystery that the Mass is celebrating. Even in the case of a memorial these readings must take the place of the weekday readings for the same day. This Order of Readings makes explicit note of every case of proper readings on a memorial.

Weekday homily collection a good daily prayer tool

Use of such readings does not seem binding, except for compelling pastoral reasons. For the most part references are given to readings in the Commons in order to facilitate choice. But these are merely suggestions: in place of an accommodated reading or the particular reading proposed from a Common, any other reading from the Commons referred to may be selected. The first concern of a priest celebrating with a congregation is the spiritual benefit of the faithful and he will be careful not to impose his personal preference on them. Because in these cases several texts are listed for the same reading, it will be up to the priest to choose the one best suited to those listening.

In all celebrations of Saints the readings may be taken not only from the Commons to which the references are given in each case, but also from the Common of Men and Women Saints, whenever there is special reason for doing so. Among the chants between the readings, the psalm which follows the first reading is of great importance. As a rule the psalm to be used is the one assigned to the reading. But in the case of readings for the Common of Saints, ritual Masses, Masses for various needs and occasions, votive Masses, and Masses for the dead the choice is left up to the priest celebrating.

He will base his choice on the principle of the pastoral benefit of those present. Thank you Paul. I did indeed read this in its entirety before posting my question, and was looking for any further clarification on preference from other legislation or rubrics.

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And the following also indicates a preference for daily readings over the commons: "In most cases, therefore, these readings are to be used on their assigned days, unless a solemnity, a feast, or else a memorial with proper readings occurs. I knew you had, Adam. But this is something we all can understand better. There are very few PROPER readings for the weekday saints, but it's great that the lectionary now provide appropriate accommodated readings for the weekday saints when a parish needs to celebrate a patron or on other pastorally beneficial occasions.

Sorry, when I said antiphon, I may have read too quickly and thought you were referring to the Introit i. Entrance Antiphon and Communion Antiphon.

I didn't mean to suggest separating the Responsorial Psalm antiphon from its Psalm. Sorry again for the confusion! I think I'm clear on the readings as discussed above, but what about the antiphons for weekday Masses when a memorial is observed?

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Assuming one is going to use the readings of the weekday but the orations for the Saint, which processional antiphons would be preferable? From the commons as Skip describes or from the previous Sunday? I'm also assuming that there is no proper antiphon in the Missal. For example: Pope Gregory Sept 3 has a proper entrance antiphon in the Missal.

Peter Claver Sept 9 does not. My sense is that one is free to choose, but is there an official preference between common of the saint or the ferial practice of repeating the antiphon from Sunday. SkirpR September Posts: For Optional Memorias, there are usually a few different options for the readings.